This is drummer Dave Barry's debut album featuring musicians he has had long musical associations with over the years.. and a stella band it is too, Steve Waterman joins Don Weller, Arnie Symogie and John Donaldson. Featuring original compositions by Dave Barry himself and Don Weller this is a fine album revealing Dave Barry as not only a world class drummer but a gifted composer too. The robust saxophone playing of Don Weller, the exemplary trumpet of Steve Waterman, and the exellent John Donaldson and Arnie Somogyi all excel on this highly original cd.

Dave Green - Jazz Drums

Ray Comiskey - The Irish Times

Drummer Dave Barry is one of the best British drummers around, with a gilt-edged CV, but this crisp, high calibre hard bop quintet album is his first as leader. It strikes an effective balance between contrast and unity in the diverse front-line voices of Steve Waterman [trumpet] and an in-form Don Weller [tenor], with John Donaldson [piano] and Arnie Somogyi [bass] completing a powerful rhythm section. Typical of the thought and skill involved is the fact that the material [seven by Dave Barry and two by Don Weller] avoids over-reliance on the unison staples of hard bop lines, while giving soloists of this quality plenty of meat. None is nourished better than Weller, whose distinctive, expressively vocalised playing is outstanding, even in this company. Hard bop aficianados should love it.

Tony Hall - Jazzwise

This is an age when, even in jazz, youth and image are everything. How long is it since you've seen any of the above names featured on the news pages of our magazine or those of our contemporaries? It's as though a whole generation is no longer newsworthy. Yet their playing has reached new heights of maturity. Don Weller is probably the most senior citizen here, but all five are survivors who still play jazz because they love it. All were certainly originally inspired by the great American musicians from the 60s and 70s, but they went on to develop individual identities, certainly not copies of their heroes. Though possibly the least well known, Dave Barry really deserves this album. All but two of the compositions are his. The're all clever, often with intricate time signatures and arrangements that avoid the usual tenor-trumpet unisons. And all have typical British humour titles. A couple ["Jules in the Crown" and "Jiggery Pokery"] are a bit Horace Silverish. The outstanding track for me is the first ballad Dave Barry has ever written-"My Lips Are Sealed". Opening with arco bass followed by John Donaldson chords, then each horn coming in quietly, with brilliant solos by Don Weller [possibly remeniscent of Paul Gonsalves at his peak?] and Steve Waterman. An outstanding track. Don Weller's medium-paced modal "Zzzzt" follows, and the CD closes witha fat, funky blues, also by Don Weller. John Donaldson and Arnie Somogyi are excellent in solo and support modes throughout and the rhythm section as a unit is first-class. They deserve your backing.

Andrew Vine-Yorkshire Post

Dave Barry is usually found under tenorman Don Weller's leadership, but here he debuts as a leader with enjoyable results. Don Weller is aboard, alongside trumpeter Steve Waterman and that fine pianist John Donaldson, for a programme of originals. Don Weller's playing on the likes of "Jiggery Pokery" and "My Lips Are Sealed" is worth the price of admission alone. Dave Barry himself is a model of good drumming, preferring to push the band along rather than hogging the limelight.