Mark Edwards, John Donaldson Piano Duet: Live at the Appleby Festival

Mark Edawards / John Donaldson - Live at the Appleby Festival

This music was recorded live at the Appleby Jazz Festival 2005 where there is an occasional policy of taking musicians out of their comfort zone and asking them to do something they have never done. One of these risk taking exercises is to put two pianos on stage and ask some of the great jazz pianists we have in Britain today to choose their partner and take the stage. In 2005 Mark Edwards and John Donaldson took up the challenge to sit down opposite each other for the first time in front of an audience of around 500 people. The result was one of the most outstanding hours of music in the festival’s long history. Such is the experience and skill of these two world class pianists that not for one second would you imagine that they had never played this music together before, and with the acoustically matched pair of Bechtstein pianos it is nearly impossible to separate out who plays what. Released from the confines of a standard jazz trio and the well learnt ways of accompanying drums, bass and saxophone, they seemed to enter into the unfamiliar musical landscape provided by two keyboards with a sense of freedom and a simple joy in making music together. Totally absorbing themselves and everybody else in the magic of what was happening, they produced a spell binding hour of music that set the whole festival audience talking for the rest of the festival and for weeks after. There is no formula for producing this sort of musical experience. It usually happens in a live performance and is lost forever. Luckily, this time, state of the art recording equipment was at hand to capture it and the result is this very, very special CD. Neil Ferber Appleby Jazz Festival.

1 Sea Journey Chick Corea 8:47

2 Dis Here Bobby Timmons 9:01

3 Lôro Egberto Gismonti 7:00

4 Light Blue Thelonious Monk 7:59

5 I Will Say Goodbye Bill Evans 3:16

6 We Will Meet Again Bill Evans 3:41

7 Man From Tanganiyka McCoy Tyner 7:08

[TOTAL TIME 47:05]

John Donaldson piano

Mark Edwards piano