Chris Biscoe - Jazz  Saxophonist


Chis Biscoe has been a notable presence on the UK Jazz scene since the seventies after initially working as a computer programmer.
During the seventies he played, recorded and broadcast with Pete Hurt, Tommy Chase, Pete Saberton, Barry Guy, Dave Holdsworth, Pete Jacobsen, Redbrass. In 1979 Chris Biscoe joined Mike Westbrook beginning a long association touring throughout Europe and playing international festivals in Australia, Singapore, Hong Kong, Canada and the USA. and mading many records.In the same year he also formed a quartet featuring Peter Jacobsen - expanded to Quintet in 1980, Sextet in 1986, reformed as Quartet 1987.

Chris Biscoe has been featured on many broadcasts and recordings including:

1980 Soundtrack of award-winning TV film "Caught on a Train".
1983-93 & 2004 The Brotherhood of Breath - European and British tours and recording
1983-84 Ken Hyder's Talisker and The Big Team - concerts and recording
1984-2005 Grand Union - concerts, workshops and recording.
1985 Working Week - concert and recording
1985-88 Kenny Wheeler - broadcasts
1985-90 Duo with Peter Jacobsen - concerts and recordings.
1985-2003 John Williams Baritone Band - concerts,
broadcasts and recording
1986 Les Deux Trios with Mike Westbrook and Didier Levallet
1986-2003 George Russell ( Anglo-American Orchestra then Living Time Orchestra) - Contemporary Music Network Tours 1986 and 1995 plus 5 European tours; broadcasts and recording
1986-88 Didier Levallet Quintet - concerts and recording
1987 Swedish Radio Group
1988-2004 Full Monte - concerts, broadcast and recordings. Featuring Brian Godding, Marcio Mattos, Tony Marsh. The band also recorded with Dominique Pifarely in 1996; combined with trombone trio The Blowpipes in 1998 for "Dialogic", and in 2001 toured with Dick Pearce or Henry Lowther (trumpet) 1989 and 1992 - Zhivaro
1989-91 Concerts, recording and film with Andy Sheppard
1989-92 Concerts with Nick Stephens Septet
1990 Trio with Nick Stephens and Roger Turner
1990 Dewey Redman Sextet
1991-97 Didier Levallet Generations Band and Quartet
1991 Duo with Rene Bottlang
1992-2005 Dedication Orchestra
1992-93 Rene Bottlang Homage a Bobby LaPointe featuring Phil Minton
1993 Frank Campbell Trio featuring Hank Roberts
1993-97 Chris Biscoe Band
1994-2002 Ben Davis Quartet - concerts, broadcasts and recordings.
1994, 2000 & 2004 - Hermeto Pascoal Orchestra concerts and broadcasts
1995 New York Composers Orchestra inc Wayne Horvitz and Marty Erlich
1995-96 Dominique Pifarely Tribulations
1996-2004 Mingus Moves - writing most of the arrangements for this group
1997-2004 Liam Noble Band - concerts and recording
1997 Gail Thompson's Jazz Africa
1997-2000 Orchestre National de Jazz (France) - concerts, broadcasts and recordings. The first British musician to join this band.
1999-2005 Harry Beckett Band - concerts, broadcasts and recordings.
1999-2001 Duo with Ben Davis (cello)
2002 Ben Davis Quartet + string trio
2002-2004 Don Weller Electric Octet
2003-2004 Loz Speyer Inner Space
2003 Mike Westbrook Turner in Uri
2003 - 2006 Mike Westbrook Art Wolf
2003 Monk Liberation Front
2004 Pierre Favre Group
2004 Keith Tippett The Monk Watches The Eagle
2004 Graham Collier 40 Years On
2004-05 New Chris Biscoe Band
2004 Chris Biscoe/Tony Kofi Quintet