Thornton Heath Recreation Ground Community Garden


Behind the hedge at the south end of the Thornton Heath Rec lies the Bensham Manor Bowling Club with its beautifully kept, pristine lawn. The club was founded back in 1926 and is a member of the Borough of Croydon Bowling Association. The club is still going strong with thirty plus enthusiastic members partaking in many tounaments and competitions as well as social activities.

The Bowling Club is always encouraging new members to join with qualified coaching available. They also welcome interested spectators to come and watch the quinissential British summer sport. Usual meet days are on a Tuesday, with additional openings on weekends for tournaments and matches.

As you can see from the pictures here the lawn is still being prepared for this years season, with the season starting around the last week of April.

If you are interested in the game or would like further details please get in touch at the email address below and we will put you in touch with the club.

Bensham Manor Bowlin Club, Thornton Heath Recreation Ground